Murphy Residence Guest Bathroom
For this bathroom we employed a total of seven different sub-contractors. We stripped the existing bathroom to its structure, of this early 1900's home. We are glad we did as we had to replace much of the rotted wood, dated wiring and plumbing. We leveled the floor to be flush with the hardwood floor of the hallway, since the previous owners had added plywood and tile on top of the joists, it built up the floor for about an inch. The counter top for the vessel sink is solid walnut; it took Mrs. Murphy and us a few days to find the right one! The toilet is an Athena by Ariel, the sink is Porcher 15050, and all of the tile we purchased from Interceramic. The Linear drain we purchased on eBay. We got rid of the sconces and original ceiling fan, and replace them with three can lights the middle being the fan/light. For all the bathroom fittings we chose Hansgrohe. You can see how I had them reinforce the 4 bars on the double wood framed wall, to hold the counter top, the walnut piece is 2 1/8" thick, very heavy, I had them oil it only, instead of applying acrylic or varnish etc... Looks great and is a natural finish. The wood counter top is 3/4" from the wall and has an insert brushed nickel slivers on the metal bars for the 3/4" exposed finish between the wood and the tile, which BTW, it looks like wallpaper. I had the under counter shelf bars made by a machinist, I purchased the stainless steel bars he cut them and threaded them so we could install easily The floor tile is called "Madera" wood in English and is a marble tile, the back wall is travertine 2x4 woven tiles, called "Mystic Wood" and the white wall tile that looks like wallpaper I also purchased from Interceramic, but is not an Interceramic brand. Finished Bathroom Photo Credit: Jonathan Guajardo Media Producer & Creative Consultant